Why Choose RyoAki TAXI?

Need to use a taxi but are thinking twice because the driving manners and attitudes of taxi drivers are so bad and annoying... Their reckless driving worries me too...

  1. Reckless driving complete with sudden break, abrupt steering, and breakneck speed
  2. Charge higher by intentionally taking a detour, insisting that he is taking the right route
  3. Refuse to flag down and demand a fancy fare
  4. Never give back an exact change. Your complaint will just make him angry.
  5. Driving while endlessly answering his cellphone with an annoyingly loud voice
  6. Driving while playing the car radio, the sound of which is so loud that it can almost make your ear bleed.
  7. Absolutely no response; it's like you are talking to a mannequin.
  8. Receives payment with a sour face. Never say "Thank you".

We believe that most of the people who utilize taxis here in the Philippines have the above annoying experiences with taxi drivers.

Not only in the taxi industry but also in other service-oriented industries, it seems that the "Service" we usually expect as a customer is rare to be received in the Philippines.
This is probably because the concept of "Service" in the Philippines is different from that of other countries. It is not that Filipino people are not providing a "Service", but rather, they do not feel the necessity to provide it.

Likewise with the "manners", since the social environment under which the Filipino people have grown is totally different from that of developed countries, it is quite natural for foreign visitors to feel discontented if they expect the same manners they are used to in their countries.

We, RyoAki TAXI, have been professionally training our drivers to increase the quality of their "service" and "manners" up to the level acceptable by the world in order to attract not only foreign visitors but also excellent young Filipinos for the growth of the Philippines.
The result of such training is the foundation and the value of what we are today.

We aim to provide you with superior services and professionalism.